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Decoding Dyslexia New Brunswick is a grassroots movement driven by families concerned with the limited access to educational interventions for Dyslexia and related language-based Learning Disabilities within the New Brunswick Education System.  


We are part of a network of chapters across Canada and the US working together to achieve systemic change in our region while also championing the gifts found in Dyslexic thinking. 



     Our Vision: 

New Brunswick children with Dyslexia and related Learning Disabilities (LDs) can realize their full potential through equitable and meaningful education.  


     Our Mission: 

  • To raise dyslexia awareness,  

  • To empower families to understand how to advocate for their children, 

  • To partner with policymakers using evidence-based practices to identify, remediate and support students with dyslexia and related LDs. 

     Our Values: 

Remain Positive, Make Real Change, Unlock Potential   

We Advocate For:  

  • A universal, scientifically based definition and understanding of dyslexia as it relates to education in New Brunswick. 

  • Mandatory and ongoing teacher training about dyslexia and related learning disabilities, including warning signs and appropriate and effective intervention strategies, for all pre-service and certified teachers in New Brunswick. 

  • Mandatory early screening for dyslexia in all schools across New Brunswick. 

  • Mandatory and effective dyslexia remediation programs in all schools across New Brunswick. 

  • Timely access to appropriate, ongoing, and effective assistive technologies (and training thereof), within all classrooms and virtual learning environments across New Brunswick.  

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